Watch our winners meet their creatures for the first time


13th March 2017

Back in December, we asked you to let your imaginations run wild and create a spectacular, incredible, wacky creature. In exchange, we offered three half term family breaks at Woburn Forest.

Over 1,800 of you got creative and sent in an entry. We spent days reading every single one – there were creatures that could swim like fish and fly like birds. Creatures with spots and stripes, horns and spiked tails. Creatures that could turn invisible and travel through time.

Our judges, including our own CEO, Martin Dalby, selected three final winners: Erin, Megan and Aiden.

All three families headed to Woburn Forest last week to enjoy their prize break. We caught up with them on Tuesday because we had one more surprise up our sleeve. It was time to bring Rainbow Leaf, The Squeebler and Dave to life…