Arrival Information

When you arrive at the Village, follow the driveway to the Arrivals Lodge. If you are the main booker you will need to have your copy of the completed Registration Form ready to hand over at the Lodge. (Please remember that if your party is travelling in two or more cars, the driver of each car will need to present a copy of the Registration Form for each Villa booked.)  In return you will receive a car security pass and your accommodation keys/keycards. Your Villa/Lodge/Apartment has its own number e.g. 424, and its location can easily be found on your Village map or the staff at the Arrivals Lodge will be happy to help you. 

You can now make your arrival even smoother by registering online, saving the need to complete the Registration/Occupants Form.  Click here to register, complete your details then simply have your booking number and accommodation number to hand upon arrival.

Arriving before 3pm (3.30pm at Whinfell Forest) 

If you arrive and register between 10am and 3pm (3.30pm at Whinfell Forest), you will be directed to the Main Car Park, where you can leave your car and go off to enjoy the wide variety of bars, restaurants and sports and leisure facilities on the Village. Remember - you only pay for the activities you want to do.

You can use the Subtropical Swimming Paradise from 2pm on your arrival day. To allow your accommodation to be thoroughly cleaned and checked, we do not allow access until 3pm (3.30pm at Whinfell Forest). After this time you will be able to drive to your accommodation to unload, before returning your car to the Main Car Park for the duration of your stay. 

The speed limit on the Village is 10mph. Please do not exceed this. Please Note: Guests who have booked a Priority package will have access to their accommodation from 2pm.

Please Note: At 2.30pm, there may be a build-up of traffic preparing to enter the site from the Car Park. 

The barriers open at 3pm and inevitably, due to the number of vehicles, there may be a delay in gaining access. Center Parcs recommends that, due to access to accommodation being available from 3pm you may prefer to walk or bike to your accommodation, take in the surroundings and delay taking your car from the Car Park until the traffic has subsided.

Arriving after 3pm (3.30pm at Whinfell Forest)

If you arrive and register after 3pm (3.30pm at Whinfell Forest), you may drive straight to your accommodation to unload before returning your car to the Main Car Park. The speed limit on the Village is 10mph. Please do not exceed this. Should you arrive late in the evening our Security staff will be on hand to check you in. Please contact the Information Centre if you will not be arriving on the start date of your holiday.

Parking Your Car

To preserve our safe and natural environment we restrict the use of guest cars within the Village. Guests are only permitted to use their cars within the Village for unloading/loading at their accommodation on arrival and departure. Although, hotel and spa day guests may use their cars to travel to and from the hotel and our Aqua Sana Spa. Our staff and sometimes refurbishment/maintenance teams will need to use vehicles to get around the Village but this will be kept to a minimum.

Please use the designated parking places in the Main Car Park. Center Parcs reserves the right to remove incorrectly parked cars and will make a charge for doing so.

Motor Vehicles: Please Note: No mopeds, motorcycles, motorised bicycles or scooters are allowed on the Village.

Disabled Parking

Accessible parking is provided in the car park, close to the car park exit onto the village.

All guests are able to drive to their accommodation to unload and load their vehicles.

Throughout your stay a shuttle service is available across each village for guests with disabilities.

The shuttle services run as follows:
~ Elveden Forest, Longleat Forest, Woburn Forest and Sherwood Forest run from 8am - Midnight.
 ~ Whinfell Forest runs from 8am - 11pm.

Please inform security of your shuttle requirements as soon as known, so that this service can be provided to your accommodation. Please note this service is very popular.

You will only be permitted to park your car on the Village if:
 ~ you booked a wheelchair adapted Villa / Lodge, one accessible parking space is provided close to the accommodation.
 ~ if there is an absolute medical need to rely on a vehicle throughout the course of your break
In this instance, a Center Parcs permit may be issued upon arrival after discussion with the medical centre. This is assessed on a case by case basis and only issued when no alternatives (i.e. the shuttle services) are available.
 ~ if the driver of a vehicle has a disability that means they are unable to transfer from the car park to their accommodation without a car, or via the shuttle service. A Center Parcs permit will be issued to allow the parking of the car at a location as close to the accommodation as is safe.