What are the Health and Safety Constraints?

Health and safety information and advice
As much as we want you to enjoy yourself, doing anything and everything you please, your health is paramount. To protect your wellbeing, certain activities and treatments have very specific health and safety constraints. We have highlighted where these apply throughout the brochure, so please refer to the notes below to check whether they are suitable for you and your party. 

Aqua Sana Spa

General Advice and Health & Safety

General Advice

  • Guests are advised not to consume alcohol or a heavy meal prior to using the Aqua Sana facilities.
  • Robes will be provided for you to wear when having treatments and in the Spa Area.
  • Glasses and contact lenses must be removed prior to treatments and in the Spa Area.
  • We recommend that you do not bring any valuables with you.
  • Lockers are provided, which require a £1.00 coin – returnable after use.

Please be aware of the possible side effects following treatments/Spa experiences which may include drowsiness, excessive thirst and possible minor reactions to essential oils.

We recommend that you enjoy a period of rest and relaxation following our treatments/Spa experiences and that you drink plenty of clear fluids. In the unlikely event that you experience any allergic skin reaction please consult with the Center Parcs Medical Centre.

What to Bring
We recommend that you bring a separate small day bag (a small rucksack is ideal) to take into Aqua Sana when you arrive, including your swimming attire and anything else you would normally need for the day. Robes and towels are provided at Aqua Sana. For overnight guests towels are provided in your accommodation. However, please bring your own towel should you wish to use the Subtropical Swimming Paradise. Center Parcs operates a casual dress policy, including for evening dining.

Spa Sessions Advice

Swimwear Advice:
Guests are required to wear swimwear within all areas of the ‘World of Spa’

Spa Etiquette:

  • To maintain a sense of calm, we ask that you do not use your mobile phone, MP3 player or camera anywhere in Aqua Sana.
  • We love to see guests enjoying themselves at the spa, however if you are visiting with a group of friends, please be respectful of noise levels to those wishing to sleep or relax.


Spa Sessions Accessibility Advice:
Please be aware that certain Spa experiences have restricted or no access for those with limited mobility. Many of the experiences involve exposure to above ambient temperatures and there may be surfaces within them that are hot which may pose a risk to those who cannot sense changes in surface temperature.

If you have a disability or any particular care requirements, please seek advice at the time of booking and on entry to Aqua Sana to allow us to help you get the most out of your Session safely.

Treatment Advice

  • We recommend that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment.
  • Aqua Sana will provide robes for you to wear within the treatment area. We recommend that during treatments gentlemen wear swimming trunks or shorts and ladies wear either briefs or swimsuits. Paper briefs are available for use during body wraps and treatments.
  • Glasses and contact lenses must be removed during treatments.
  • You will be advised to remove all jewellery prior to your treatment.
  • Please ensure that you inform your therapist if you are too hot/ cold, if your position is not comfortable or the therapist’s pressure is not enjoyable. We will endeavour to adjust or change techniques to suit you.
  • Both male and female therapists operate within Aqua Sana. Should you have a preference please state this at the time of booking.
  • All treatment times take into account preparation, consultation and relaxation.


Spa and Treatment

Medical Conditions/Pregnancy:
Certain medical conditions can be affected by the Spa experiences (particularly those involving extremes of temperature), may preclude you from having some of the treatments available, or may require us to adjust the treatment to accommodate your condition.

If you wish to participate in the Spa experiences or Treatments and suffer from any of the following please consult with your doctor prior to your arrival and obtain written evidence of your fitness to participate.

  • You have had radiotherapy or chemotherapy in the past 2 years or are currently undergoing treatment for cancer.
  • You have had surgery within the last three months.
  • You have had a deep vein thrombosis (DVT).
  • You suffer from heart or circulatory problems, high or low blood pressure, migraines, dizziness, or fainting spells.
  • You suffer from diabetes or epilepsy.
  • Any condition affecting your body’s ability to react to heat or to perspire.
  • Asthma or any chest condition likely to be aggravated by high temperatures.
  • Use any drugs which may affect your circulation or your ability to react to heat.
  • You have been prescribed antihistamines, anticoagulants, vasoconstrictors, vasodilators, stimulants or tranquillisers.
  • If you are currently receiving any other medical treatment, which you feel may affect your suitability please consult with Aqua Sana staff prior to booking.

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In our 400 acre site, we've made sure there are plenty of cycle paths and convenient bike parks wherever you go. As well as cycling to all the main attractions around the village, you can explore the forest, though please keep to the paths. At our Cycle Centre, adjacent to the car park, you can hire a wide variety of bikes, including mountain bikes as well as accessories such as cycle locks, child seats, child trailers (trailers and child seats may only be fitted to Center Parcs cycles) and helmets, as well as buggies and back packs. Staff will advise you on the best options for your family. All equipment is professionally maintained and, should you have any problems, such as punctures, our mechanics are on hand to help out. 

Special needs cycles†† If anyone in your party has any special needs, a variety of options are available for hire, such as adult trikes, adapted 3-wheel cycles with a detachable wheel chair, mobility scooters and manual wheel chairs. 
Please call 03448 266 200 to discuss suitability and to pre-book as we only have a limited number. 

†† A hire charge payment will be taken to reserve your mobility scooter if you are pre booking, however a £200.00 refundable deposit will be taken on collection of your scooter from the cycle centre.

Keep your bikes secure.
You're welcome to bring your own bikes, providing they are in good condition, but please remember that, even in our protected environment, we are not immune to thefts. We are advised by police that custom-built and 'designer' cycles are particularly vulnerable, so we strongly recommend you use a five-star lock whenever leaving your bike, even for just a few moments, but don't attach the lock to quick release wheels. We also suggest you keep your bike in your accommodation overnight and remove bike racks from your car. Five-star locks can be loaned free from the Freewheelers Cycle Centre, subject to a refundable deposit. 
A deposit will not be required when pre-booking cycles however for your reference all cycles must be returned to the cycle centre before 10am on your departure day. Failure to do so will result in an additional days hire charge being debited from your account

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Indoor Activities

A medical questionnaire must be completed for certain activities by all participants 24 hours prior to your session, which can be picked up from any Booking Point. If you have any medical conditions which may prevent you from participating, please bring written, signed confirmation from your doctor that it is safe for you to take part. Subtropical Swimming Paradise

General advice:
All unhealed wounds should be covered with a waterproof plaster
Please consult a Nurse at our Medical Centre if you have any infectious disease or infectious skin complaint.
Do not enter the water if you have had diarrhoea within the last 48 hours. If you have received confirmation that you have had Cryptosporidiosis, you may not enter the water until fourteen days after your symptoms have subsided.
We have various safety measures in place and several rules which we ask all guests to adhere to, to make sure the Subtropical Swimming Paradise is a haven for everyone.

  • Lifeguards are always on duty.
  • No diving or jumping is allowed.
  • Free swim jackets are available in 2 sizes for children to wear. Buoyancy aids for disabled guests are also available. Please ask at the Pool Information Desk.
  • All pushchairs must be secured in the buggy park outside the pool area. This area is not secure. Guests must provide their own locks.
  • Sun lotion should be worn in sunny weather.
  • Please supervise your children at all times, with 1 adult per child under 4 and 1 adult per 2 children between the ages of 4 and 7. Lesser supervision standards exist in specified non-swimming areas of the Subtropical Swimming Paradise. Parties not being supervised to appropriate standards may be asked to leave the Subtropical Swimming Paradise.
  • Non-intrusive photography of your own party is permitted within the swimming area. Photography in not permitted in changing areas.
  • For safety reasons, certain external medical appliances, including plaster casts are not allowed on a number of the water features in the STSP. Plaster casts are specifically prohibited on slides, flumes, Wild Water Rapids, including the Sherwood Forest Grand Cascade Raft Ride.

Scuba Diving and Snorkelling:
If you have any medical conditions that may cause a health risk or prevent you from participating, please consult your GP prior to arrival and bring written, signed confirmation that it is safe for you to take part. For more information on Scuba Diving go to www.padi.com

Vertical Tanner:
Do not use the tanners if you are pregnant, have particularly sensitive skin, a history of sunburn, a large number of freckles or moles, red hair, heart or circulatory problems, high or low blood pressure, diabetes or epilepsy or are taking antibiotics, tranquillisers or diuretics. Please discuss this with our staff before booking. Do not take more than one session over a 24 hour period. You will be asked to sign an important health declaration prior to your session. Center Parcs is a member of The Sunbed Association, promoters of sensible suntanning.

Racket Ball:
Goggles are available and are compulsory for anyone under 16.

Goggles are available and are strongly recommended for all squash players. These are compulsory for players under the age of 18 during tournaments and other Center Parcs supervised activities.

Helmets, wrist, knee and elbow pads are available and are compulsory.

Exercise Classes:
Please ensure that suitable clothing and footwear are worn for all exercise classes.

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Outdoor Activities

Horse Riding
Our horse riding activities have a duration of 45 minutes, but as they take place off-village, please allow for travel time. We provide transport for participants and accompanying adults, but space on the minibus is not guaranteed so you may have to provide your own transport. We endeavour to accommodate disabled riders wherever possible, however this is subject to a risk assessment prior to the activity to ensure your safety.
Please call 03448 266 200 to complete this risk assessment before booking your ride.

Horse Riding:
For all activities, the maximum weight allowed is 15st (95kg). Trousers and flat shoes or boots with a small heel must be worn.

Advanced Cross Country Hack:
As this ride demands a high level of horsemanship, each rider will be assessed prior to the ride. If staff at the stables consider anyone insufficiently experienced, they will offer an alternative ride, but cannot offer a refund. This is for your own safety.

Action Challenge:

High Ropes / Climbing / Abseiling / Aerial Adventure / Tree Trekking / Low Ropes Challenge / Vertical Drop / Pendulum Swing / Gladiator Challenge

If you suffer from any of the following medical conditions, please bring written confirmation from your doctor that it is safe for you to participate:

  • Heart disease, high blood pressure, or any other cardiovascular problem.
  • Undiagnosed pains in your heart or chest, particularly when associated with minimal effort.
  • Breathing difficulties or asthma where this is not satisfactorily controlled by medication.
  • Epilepsy where this is not satisfactorily controlled by medication.
  • Back pain or limited movement in any joint where this is made worse by exercise.
  • Any shoulder or arm injury or repeat dislocation.
  • Any neck injuries.
  • Existing or recent pregnancy.
  • Recuperation from serious illness, injury or operation

For your own safety:

  • Closed toe shoes and long trousers must be worn.
  • All jewellery must be removed.
  • Helmets are required without exception for Action Company Activities.
  • Please dress appropriately for all weather conditions. Suitable clothing must be worn.
  • Bring all medication you may need throughout the activity.
  • Wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty or even slightly damaged.
  • The Fan Descender has a maximum weight restriction of 16 stones. For your own safety, you > may be weighed if you appear to approach this weight.
  • Please be aware that the challenging physical nature of the activity may occasionally result in contact with equipment or harnesses, which might give rise to bruises or other minor bumps or scrapes.

You will be required to complete a medical questionnaire prior to participating, anyone under the age of 18 will require a parent or guardian to sign the form.

Safety notes and information Safety buoyancy aids must be worn by all children under 14 and anyone who is not a competent swimmer. Some activities require buoyancy aids, helmets and appropriate footwear to be worn by all participants, and for you to be competent swimmer; please ask when you book. Buoyancy aids are provided, wetsuits may be hired. Please bring swimwear and a towel.

Center Parcs staff are unable to assist in changing. Please note that our changing areas are not supervised. Center Parcs Ltd is registered with The Adventure Activities Licensing Authority as licensed to provide specified activities under the heading 'Watersports'. Licence details can be confirmed by calling The Licensing Authority, Tel: 01222 755 715. None of our other activities require AALA recognition.
You will be required to complete a medical questionnaire prior to participating, anyone under the age of 18 will require a parent or guardian to sign the form.

Outdoor Activity Centre
Paintball, Quad Biking, Laser Combat

You will be required to complete a medical questionnaire prior to participating, anyone under the age of 18 will require a parent or guardian to sign the form.

12-14 year old will need a participating adult over the age of 18.

Soccer Activities
Shinpads must be worn for all Center Parcs supervised soccer activities.

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Children's Activities

Children's Clubs

Infants Under 3 years
Children Under 7 years
Older Children 8yrs & Over

Activity Den - Special Care
Each Activity Den has a staff to child ratio as specified by Ofsted. If your child has Special Needs, please let us know when booking so we can discuss which sessions would be most suitable. Please call:

Elveden Activity Den: 01842 894421

Longleat Activity Den: 01985 848091

Sherwood Activity Den: 01623 827532

Whinfell Activity Den: 01768 893000 ext 3503

Woburn Activity Den: 01525 842895

The only medication Activity Den Staff are permitted to administer is an EPI-PEN. If your child has been prescribed an EPI-PEN, please tell us when you book and bring it with you, ensuring the date is valid, or they will not be able to join the session. If your children have recently had a contagious or infectious illness, please tell us prior to the session.

If you have any questions about The Activity Den and Ofsted registration, please call 0845 601 4772 or write to Ofsted Early Years Inspector, 3rd Floor, Royal Exchange Buildings, St Anne's Square, Manchester. M2 7LA (www.ofsted.gov.uk) or e-mail enquiries@ofsted.gov.uk

Soccer Activities
Shinpads must be worn for all Center Parcs supervised soccer activities.

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