Take a trip to the Outdoor Activity Centre on your next break.


Deep in the forest you’ll find the home to some of our most exciting – and unique – activities, from Segway Experience to Laser Combat.


There’s something for all ages, speeds, tastes and abilities, whether you fancy taking a spin around our Quad Biking track or testing your aim with Archery.


Scroll through our video gallery to see what you and your little ones can get up to on a Center Parcs break – from splashing in the pool to trying some of our specially-created pre-school activities.

  • Quad Bike Safari

    Rev your engines and kick up some dust in a thrilling and fast-paced session. Get to grips with handling the quad bike safely before being led by an instructor to take on challenging terrain on our purpose-built track.

    Not available at Woburn Forest

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  • Junior Quads

    Your mini daredevils will get to grips with handling and controlling a miniature quad bike safely in this activity. After practising skills, they’ll get their own personal driving license before zipping around our thrilling, purpose-built track under expert guidance.

    Not available at Woburn Forest

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  • Off-Road Explorers

    Your little ones get behind the wheel of a miniature 4x4 in this new activity. With you nearby, they learn to steer and use pedals on the practice track. Once they’ve built up confidence, they head to the woodland track to tackle bumps, dips and rumble strips, collecting puzzle pieces as they go.

    Available at Sherwood Forest

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  • Laser Combat

    Choose your teams wisely in this ultimate test of family ties! Each armed with laser guns and targets, you’ll sneak through the forest, hide behind obstacles and test your teamwork as you manoeuvre through the arena and attempt to outfox your enemies.


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  • Field Archery at the Outdoor Activity Centre

    Field Archery

    Add another string to your bow and learn archery techniques and tips from our expert instructors before being unleashed into the forest. Keep your eyes peeled and arrow ready, as you creep between the trees, spotting and firing at targets as you go.


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  • Segway Experience

    This fun and futuristic activity is low impact and suitable for all abilities. After some expert guidance, you’ll learn how to control one of these electric transporters with the tiniest of body movements. After a few laps of the practise track, you’ll head out onto the Village to put your skills to the test.


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  • Paintballing

    Get kitted out in protective gear before marching into a paintball combat with your comrades. You can battle it out with either 200 or 400 paintballs to see who is crowned the super sniper in your family.

    Not available at Woburn Forest

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  • Target Archery

    Ready, aim and fire! Perfect for novice or know-it-all, the goal is simple: hit the target to rack up points as you and your family compete in a series of challenges and games. Will you be crowned the winner?


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  • Crossbows

    Get a feel for the medieval as you lock and load a classic crossbow. In a unique session, you will learn technique and skill from our experts as you pull your best warrior face, release the bow and hit the target.


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  • Robin Hood and Little Johns at the Outdoor Activity Centre

    Robin Hood and Little Johns

    Mini Maid Marians and junior Robin Hoods can learn new skills alongside grown-ups in a fun beginner’s archery session. See who has got the best eye for the target as you battle it out in pairs. Will you get the bullseye?


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