Exciting world first water ride Tropical Cyclone has arrived.

To celebrate the opening of the £4 million family water ride, golden girl Ellie Simmonds returned to Elveden Forest to experience our water ride, Tropical Cyclone in a special edition 'gold' raft, created to celebrate her success at the place where it all began.

Fresh from her triumph at the London Paralympic Games, Ellie commented, “Center Parcs Elveden Forest was where I first learnt to swim so it’s a really special place for me and my family. The new water ride is amazing and the drop really gets your pulse racing. I have lots of memories here at Center Parcs so it’s great to be part of the opening.”

The world-first Tropical Cyclone sees two award-winning water rides joined together for the very first time. Guests staying at Elveden Forest can experience a series of exciting twists, turns and drops in a four-person clover-shaped raft reaching speeds of up to 30mph. Take a look at our photo gallery and video for a first look at our new water ride.

Interesting Tropical Cyclone facts and figures:

• Riders will experience this unique ride as a family in a four-person clover-shaped raft

• Riders will reach speeds of up to 30mph

• The Tropical Cyclone spans over 200 metres in length

• The water ride can take up to 720 rafters per hour – that’s 12 per minute

• The water flow reaches 25,000 litres per minute

• The water temperature inside the ride is a tropical 30 degrees Celsius

• The top of the water ride stands at 18m tall - that’s the equivalent height of an English oak tree

• 45 degree drop

• Zero gravity up to four times

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