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Wizard Academy

Activity Den

During this three hour session, your little ones will enjoy making wizard crafts and spells, play games and learn some new dance moves. Grown-ups are invited to the graduation party at the end of the session, with many surprises and treats along the way, the newly graduated Wizards can keep their outfits. 

  • Ages 3 to 7 years at UK villages
  • Ages 3 to 6 years at Longford Forest
  • Non-parent accompanied session
  • Please take time to read the health and safety/medical form for this activity. You can download and print your form to take to your activity if you wish
  • OFSTED/Tusla Registration limits the time an individual child under 8 years old can spend unaccompanied in the Activity Den to 4 hours daily. Please consider this when you make bookings