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Girl running to parents in the forest
General news

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New Woodland Plus and Executive Plus Lodges - Elveden Forest 2024

Posted 15 April 2024

Introducing the newly designed Woodland Plus and Executive Plus Lodges at Elveden Forest, now available to book!

These are a small selection of nine upgraded lodges created to test new design ideas for future accommodation. They offer enhanced design features, including new kitchen and living space layouts, décor, and furnishings, perfect for a getaway with family or friends. With expanded outdoor areas, sustainable and recyclable materials, advanced technology and improved interiors, these lodges provide comfortable and relaxing spaces for families to enjoy. 

We've added a range of special features to the five Executive Plus Lodges. Each lodge has its own distinct features for you to enjoy, from saunas, and heated outdoor areas, to games rooms, interactive gaming pods, bean bags, and yoga mats.  To find out more information on the specific features of each new lodge, please check out the pages below.

Discover Woodland Plus Lodges

Discover Executive Plus Lodges

Swapping to reusable cups at Canopy Café

19 March 2024

Since we launched new reusable cups for cold beverages at Canopy Café and Bar, Whinfell Forest in summer 2023, we’ve prevented around 54,000 single use plastic/paper cups entering our waste stream. We’re currently rolling this out at all six villages, so over the course of a year we’ll prevent around 650,000 single use cups from entering our waste streams.

Our guests get a better-quality beverage, we reduce our physical waste footprint, and we reduce our logistical footprint by not moving all the single use cups from delivery warehouses around the country and then around our villages!

Breaks now available until 15 December 2025

Last updated 13 March 2024

We are pleased to let you know that we’ve added more breaks, so you can now book for arrival dates up until (and including) 15 December 2025.

Book your 2025 perfect summer holiday or enjoy the Christmas magic at Winter Wonderland.

Find out more about these breaks

Water Refill Stations coming to Center Parcs

Posted 28 February 2024

We are delighted to announce the installation of 15 Water Refill Stations across our villages (3 at Sherwood, Woburn and Longford, and 2 at Elveden, Whinfell and Longleat).

We carried out a 12-week trial of 2 units at Woburn to make sure these units would work on our sites and be beneficial to guests. It was really well received with over 28,000 500ml bottles being filled up across the two units for the trial period. The main aim of this project is to provide a better service to guests as the demand for drinking water increases as we begin to feel the affects of climate change and rising global temperatures. There is also the need to reduce reliance on single use plastics in order to reduce carbon emissions.

We’re hoping to have these all installed and ready to use by end of Financial Year. An estimated 60,000 bottles will be filled at each unit every year (based on the figures from the trial). For every 500ml bottle filled, 25 grams of plastic waste is saved, and 100 grams of carbon emissions are prevented from entering the atmosphere.

That means that if 60,000 bottles are filled each year, each unit will save 1.5 tonnes of plastic and 6 tonnes of carbon emissions!!

2023 Wrap Up

Posted 22 December 2023

Well, 2023 has gone by in a flash - and what a year it’s been! We’re always looking for new ways to improve the Center Parcs experience, and this year’s been no different. From thrilling new activities to an exciting new concept lodge for adventurous families, we’ve certainly been busy bees in 2023!

Find out what we've been up to

Need additional assistance on your break?

Posted 12 December 2023

At Center Parcs, we are dedicated to making every moment of your stay exceptional. Our team is here to assist you, so if you require any adaptations or special arrangements during your stay, simply complete our accessibility form at least 10 days before your break.

Please note we cannot allocate specific lodges or hire mobility scooters via this form. 

Accessibility form

An image of the open plan living room in the Woodland Explorer.

NEW Woodland Explorer Lodge – exclusive to Sherwood Forest

Last updated 24 November 2023

We’re excited to introduce our brand-new Woodland Explorer Lodge, only at Sherwood Forest!

This lodge is packed with a variety of fun features for children and luxurious touches for grown-ups – from a themed children’s bedroom to an outdoor snuggle pod and TV, all offering an unforgettable break in the forest for fun-loving families.

There is only one Woodland Explorer Lodge available, so don’t miss your chance to experience this exclusive retreat!

To book the Woodland Explorer Lodge, call our Contact Centre on 03448 267723.

Discover the Woodland Explorer Lodge

Iced over lake.

Winter is coming...

Posted 1 November 2023

The weather is becoming a little more unpredictable and over the past couple of years we have experienced some very cold temperatures. Extreme weather does bring some safety and operational challenges for us. At Center Parcs we assess the weather forecast on a daily basis to plan and ensure our staff and guests are as safe as possible. We listen to official advice but we also consider local weather and conditions for each of our villages. We’re in a forest setting so extreme weather can be a concern, for example, we look at how saturated the forest is and sometimes we have to change things to reduce any risks.
Below are some hints & tips and advice, along with some changes we may need to put in place if we experience extreme weather:

Outdoor activities, our lake & pool areas

It is great to be outside on crisp winter days but in previous years extreme temperatures have made it difficult for our staff and guests to safely enjoy some activities. Again, we will assess villages and conditions individually and only cancel activities, close our lakes and/or outdoor pool areas if we feel it is unsafe to go ahead.

Forest fires

Please do not start any fires no matter how small, this can be tempting with children, but this isn’t safe in our forest environment as small fires can spread very quickly, even in cold weather. If you see a fire in the forest, please let our team know as soon as possible. Keeping everyone safe will always be our priority and we patrol our forests on a regular basis. Please note that, if guests are found to intentionally start a forest fire, they’ll be asked to leave the village.

Lodge log burners

It is important that guests only burn one smokeless log at a time. Please do not burn wood or any other material on the lodge fire.

Ice & snow

The forest looks magical with snow but such weather can make paths and roads unsafe. Our forests are 400 acres and not all areas will be treated so guests will need to take care when moving around. It is not safe to walk on frozen lakes.

Strong wind & gales

Stick to prepared paths and roads, depending on the severity guests should consider walking rather than cycling.

Arrival day

Extreme weather on an arrival day can cause disruption to our operations. We have a large team who need to travel to work to ensure our lodges are prepared for our guests. On occasion you may find that we delay lodge access time to allow our team more time to prepare.

How will we communicate?

We'll communicate on village via lodge TV's and signage.

We'll update our website, Facebook and X (Twitter) with any significant impact to our villages.

What if we close a village due to severe weather?

We will only close a village if it is not safe for our guests and staff. The decision to close will generally be made on the morning of an arrival day. If we do need to close one of our villages, we will automatically action a full refund of your break and any pre-booked activities.

What if we're open but you can't get to us?

We cannot accept responsibility for your travel/journey to our villages and we won't be able to offer a refund. If you cannot travel to your chosen village due to local adverse weather, please give us a call on 03448 266266 (United Kingdom), 1890 818200 (Ireland), 03448 267747 (Northern Ireland).


Gift cards

Last updated 18 October 2023

We are excited to announce that our gift cards are now available to purchase online. Our new gift cards will be automatically activated and available to use from your purchase date, whether its for yourself or a gift for someone else. You will have the choice to use the gift card to pay towards the cost of your break, as well as activities, shopping and food on village.

Discover gift cards

Cycle Centre

Last updated 16 October 2023

From today, Monday 16th October 2023, helmets will be offered free of charge with every hire made at our Cycle Centre. You don’t need to pre-book your helmet – you can collect it at the same time as you collect your cycle. We strongly recommend wearing a helmet for your own safety when cycling around our villages.

Book Cycles

Breaks now available until 21 April 2025

Last updated 27 September 2023

We are pleased to let you know that we’ve added more breaks, so you can now book for arrival dates up until (and including) 21 April 2025 at Longford Forest.

Book your 2024 Christmas break or why not discover the beauty of spring with an Easter break.

Find out more about these breaks

A CGI image of the livuing and outer areas of the Woodland Explorer.

Access for All - tell us how we can help

We're here to help you make the most of your time with us. 

Center Parcs is a diverse, equitable and inclusive organisation and we will do our best, where possible, to meet any additional requests. 

If you need any adaptations or special arrangements, please complete this form as soon as you can after booking so that we can prepare for your visit. 

We may need to hire specialist equipment which is subject to availability. The latest we can accept any requests is 10 working days before your arrival date. Requests received outside of this time will not be actioned. 

Please note we cannot allocate special lodges or hire mobility scooters via this form. If you require either of these services please call us on 03448 266200.


Access for All form

an electric vehicle being charged

Brand-new Electric Vehicle Charging Points

Last updated 9 October

Guests can now recharge their batteries and their electric car too! Our EV charging points are now available at all of our villages for guests to book. We have charging points available to pre-book online and a small number of points available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Guests will need to download the VendElectric App to charge their electric vehicle (payment is also made via the app).

Charging points can only be booked on Mondays for four nights and Fridays for three nights. The points will charge the vehicles overnight, although they can remain safely plugged in throughout the whole duration of your stay – checking the status of the charge on the app.

Pre-book your electric vehicle charging point for peace of mind and a smooth arrival.

Gift cards

Last updated 21 June 2023

We’re making some changes to our gift cards!

We’re changing gift card supplier and some of our old cards will no longer work.


How do I know if I have an old card?

Cards starting with 542424 will no longer work and we’ll need to replace your card.  Please contact us on 01623 837134 prior to your break.


How do I get a replacement card?

Please contact us on 01623 837134 prior to your break and we’ll send you a new gift card.


Why does my card no longer work?

Gift card technology has changed and we’re working with a new gift card provider.


I’m on village, how do I replace my card?

Pop along to Guest Services.

A boy taking part in the Crazy Science activity, wearing a white lab coat and googles with his hands covered in slime

Updates to age restrictions on our activities 

Posted 23 February 2023

We’ve listened to your feedback about some of the age restrictions on our activities, and we’re delighted to let you know that we have widened the age ranges for 23 of our most popular activities so that your little ones can now enjoy even more adventures together.

The changes will come into effect from Monday 27 February.

View which activities have been updated

Even earlier arrival

Posted 21 February 2023

We’re delighted to announce that our early arrival time has now changed from 3pm to 2pm. If you’ve booked early arrival (or have an Exclusive Lodge, Waterside Lodge or Treehouse booking), you can now check in to your lodge from 2pm and get your break started even sooner!

We’re now cashless

Last updated 25 July 2022 (originally posted 19 July 2022)

All our villages are cashless and can no longer accept cash payments, including for the purchase of gift cards.

Illustration of Nutmeg with Center Parcs sign

Join Nutmeg and Clove on an adventure at Center Parcs

23 December 2021

We are pleased to share our exclusive stories featuring our friendly reindeer Nutmeg, Clove, and our newest reindeer Cranberry, Nutmeg’s friend. Watch our familiar storybooks Nutmeg’s Antlers and Nutmeg’s Little Sister along with our latest storybook Nutmeg’s Flyers and join in on the adventure.

Discover Nutmeg's stories

A father and daughter playing in nature

Introducing Flex Your Stay

Last updated 6 December 2021

We understand that things change sometimes and our guests often require flexibility with their booking and therefore we are now offering a new bookable product name ‘Flex Your Stay’.

Flex Your Stay (“Flex”) provides peace of mind which allows you to cancel or amend your break without charge for any reason, much closer to your arrival date. It can only be purchased at the time of booking or within 14 days of booking your break.

Please note that the Flex Your Stay fee is non-refundable.

View the T&Cs and see how Flex Your stay compares to our standard terms and conditions. 

Lights hanging from trees in the Enchanted Light Garden

Fireworks displays will not return

Last updated 3 December 2021

In line with our commitment to protecting our forests and wildlife, we’ve made the decision not to bring back our firework displays at Center Parcs. Whilst fireworks are beautiful, they can cause stress and anxiety to wildlife, household pets and some of our guests, and can be damaging to the local environment.

We know that fireworks have traditionally been an important part of the festive experience here at Center Parcs, so this winter we’re lighting up the forest with a brand-new Enchanted Light Garden instead – and you can visit as often as you like!

A scenic picture of a lake and boats

We are no longer offering the option to purchase Insurance

Last updated 2 December 2021

For many years we have offered the option to purchase an insurance policy at the time of booking a break.  Following a review of this product we have made the decision to no longer offer this option to our guests on new bookings. Don't worry if you have already purchased insurance this will still be honoured.

We do understand that plans change sometimes, or unexpected circumstances mean that guests require some reassurance and flexibility.  We are currently working on a flexible product that guests will soon be able to purchase at the time of booking.  We hope to provide details of our new product within the next couple of weeks.

Plates of food and the ingredients used to cook them

Allergen update

Last updated 03 November 2021

Like many other businesses, we are currently experiencing challenges due to staff shortages, some sporadic supply chain issues and remaining COVID-19 safety measures.  Our menus clearly highlight where allergens are present within the ingredients and whilst allergy-free menu options are still available, unfortunately, we cannot, in the current climate, provide a 100% guarantee against cross-contamination, either within our supply chain or in our restaurants or takeaway service; we cannot provide details of any ‘may contain’ allergen statements.

The most important thing for us is the safety and wellbeing of our guests and we feel it is important to make our guests, especially those with severe allergies, aware of the challenges we are facing ahead of their arrival.  Of course, our lodges do have kitchen facilities which many families already use for self-catering as another option.  However, we understand how disappointing this situation may be to some families and we are offering anyone affected the option to cancel their break and receive a full refund or to move their break to a date in the future* when we hope to have resolved these issues.  

We have long prided ourselves on our varied menus and excellent practices in regards of allergens and we are working hard to return to this standard as soon as practicable.

*We do not have a confirmed date when we will be in a position to offer the detailed information we previously did


Two feet on a Swegway

Electric scooters, hover boards and other motorised wheeled equipment

18 June 2021

There are lots of ways to explore the forest but please be aware that electric scooters, hover boards and other motorised wheeled equipment are now prohibited. You can still use traditional non powered scooters and electric bikes, just make sure you are looking out for the no wheels signed areas and find an alternative scenic route. The Cycle Centre have plenty cycles and accessories on offer if you are looking to travel the village in style.

Group of staff at fundraising event covered in foam wearing matching Together for Short Lives charity t-shirts

Center Parcs recognised for commitment to charity

13 June 2019

We are delighted to announce that Center Parcs have won the award for Best Scheme to Encourage Staff Fundraising at the 2019 Better Society Awards. Celebrating our long-standing partnership with Together for Short Lives.

Find out about the award

Two dogs on leads

Dog owners' advice

In recent years, an unexplained dog illness known as 'seasonal canine illness' has been found in an increasing number of forest areas around the UK, particularly in late summer and early autumn. The illness is currently believed to be triggered by a naturally occurring cause and has affected a number of dogs in areas across the country, including those local to some of our villages, particularly Sherwood and Elveden Forest. There appears to be no comprehensive explanation as to why this has occurred.

Cases of Alabama Rot have also been reported around the country. This is another unexplained disease affecting dogs. None of our villages have been identified as locations with cases of Alabama Rot, but in the interest of vigilance, we recommend dog owners familiarise themselves with the symptoms on the Forestry website.

If you are visiting Center Parcs with a dog please ensure you’re aware of the potential risks of a forest environment to animals. Please research or talk to your veterinary surgeon about SCI (Seasonal Canine Illness) and Alabama Rot.

If you are bringing a dog to one of our villages and have concerns, please call our Contact Centre team on 03448 266 266.

Please note: if you are visiting Longleat Forest, dogs are not allowed on our Land Train except guide dogs.

Tommy's Award with two parents holding toddlers hands paddling in the lake

Tommy’s Award for Best Family Friendly UK Holiday

5 April 2018

We are delighted to have won Best Family Friendly UK Holiday Provider at the Tommy’s Awards, which took place on 16 March at the Landmark Hotel, London to a packed audience of household name companies and Tommy’s supporters.

More about our awards

Center parcs lake and forest

Parking on village

We are keen to keep our villages as traffic-free as possible so that guests can enjoy the tranquillity of the forest environment. There will of course be a small amount of traffic during times of developments and to support village operation. However, once you have unloaded your belongings from your vehicle, we kindly request that all guests move their cars to the car park as soon as possible, on the day of arrival. In response to recent feedback from our guests, the Security team will be supporting this by requesting that all cars left on the village after this time, are moved. Should the accommodation type include a car parking space, please use the space allocated.

Center Parcs lodge in the forest

External shows, events and festivals

Because our villages are set in some of the most beautiful parts of the UK and Ireland, they are often close to popular tourist areas which can mean increased noise and traffic in the surrounding area. Despite our best efforts to preserve the tranquillity of the forest in our villages, there may occasionally be noise from local events, shows and music festivals.

It's never too early to have a short break in the diary, so book now and give yourself something amazing to look forward to.

Exterior of Executive Lodge in forest setting

Accommodation upgrades

As many of our guests will already be aware, we upgrade a number of accommodation units every year at Center Parcs. Work is regularly underway across most of our villages to ensure we continually improve our standards. Such works are closely monitored and disruption to our guests visiting during this time will be kept to a minimum.

Discover accomodation upgrades

Looking up at sky in the forest showing view of tree branches from below

Forestry works

As we are in a forest setting it is essential that we manage the environment and preserve the natural outlook. This means that from time to time forestry works such as tree felling may be taking place during your break with us.

*available when break booked is 26 weeks or fewer away.