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Electric Vehicle Charging Point - Group A

Main Car Park

If you’re planning to travel to Center Parcs in an electric vehicle, we recommend booking your overnight charging point in advance for extra peace of mind. This will ensure that you are guaranteed a space upon arrival, which will be reserved for the first 3 or 4 nights of your stay.

Our car charging points will charge your vehicle overnight only. You can check the charging status of your car using the app.

Book early to avoid missing out, we cannot guarantee that there will be an available electric vehicle charging point when you arrive, and you may need to arrange alternative electric vehicle charging outside Center Parcs.

If this group is fully booked, check group B or group C for availability. 

There is no limit on how many electric car charging points you can book, so you can book separate charging points for multiple vehicles. If you do want to book for multiple vehicles you will need to add each space to your basket one at a time. 

  • Electric car charging points can only be booked on a Monday or a Friday, if you are staying with us for 7 nights and need the space for the duration of your break, you will need to book for your arrival day and again for the date that is mid break. We cannot confirm the same space, so you will need to move your vehicle to the allocated space. 
  • You will need to download the VendElectric App in order to charge your electric vehicle. Please follow the instructions displayed on the signage once you arrive.
  • When you arrive drive to the electric vehicle charging section of the car park, and park in the space you have been allocated, this can be found in your itinerary.
  • Please note that charging an electric vehicle at your lodge is not permitted. If you wish to charge an electric vehicle during your break, you must book an EV charging point.