If you booked your break online before 15 November, 2017, you’ll need to add your booking to your personal account. Don’t worry, it’s really simple. To add an existing booking to your account you need to:

  • Sign in to your account
  • Along the top of the screen click Add booking to account
  • Make sure the email address you type is the same email address on the booking
  • Enter the booking reference. We advise you type this manually rather than copy and paste
  • Click add booking

That’s it! The booking will now appear in your account.

Click the Sign in/Register button in the top right of the new website. We’ll ask you to enter your details: title, first name, surname and email address. We’ll ask you to enter a password, then click create an account to complete. Once your account is created, you can choose to input additional information such as date of birth, address and your marketing preferences.

If you already have an Aqua Sana account, simply click sign in on the new Center Parcs website and enter your Aqua Sana Account email address and password

Any bookings made via the Contact Centre will automatically appear in your account overnight. Alternatively, you can add the booking to your account by clicking add booking to account then manually entering the booking number. 

When making a new booking on our new website, you’ll be asked to enter your guests’ details at the time of booking. Don’t worry if you need to make changes, you can amend these in your account at any time.

But before you arrive, it’s really important to let us know who’s coming with you and the details of any vehicles your party is bringing. To make sure we have all the information we need, sign in to your account and click guest details. There will be a box for each guest, with a red dot. For each one, click add guest, which takes you to a page to add the details of that guest. 

Yes.  Those joining you on your break can book activities for themselves or other members of your party. To do this you need to invite them to your booking either by adding their email address on the guest details page of the booking process, or on the edit guest details page within your account. If your fellow guests don’t already have a Center Parcs account they will need to click on the link within the invite email and create an account from there to link your booking to their account.  If they already have a Center Parcs account then your booking will automatically add to their account. Don’t worry, they can’t change anything to do with the booking itself, they can only browse and book things to do whilst on your break.

All activities, restaurants, spa session and treatments booked prior to the new site will show on your itinerary, but not on your detailed receipt.  Only things booked through your Center Parcs account via our website since 9th May 2018 will show on your detailed receipt.

All guests with details on the booking are represented by the coloured circles and initials at the top of the calendar.  Simply click on the ‘all’ circle – this is the default view.

The activity is selected once you have clicked on it and it has turned blue, the ‘Add to basket’ button will appear at this point. No activities are preselected for you.

This is a full cost rundown for the booking. The accommodation booking is displayed on the left hand side, including arrival and departure dates. On the right is an itemised display of all the other items booked. This is split into two sections. Section 1 shows payment for accommodation and any payment instalments that have been made. Section 2 is split into two sub-sections, the top is for everything booked at the time you booked your break. The bottom is for all items booked or added after you booked their break.

Your detailed receipt can be accessed in the ‘Booking Overview’. Click the ‘View Booking Details’ button to bring this up.  If you haven’t booked anything online, then this button will not display.

1.  There are some activities where guests cannot be assigned to the activity individually.

2.  The guest(s) does/do not meet the age requirement of the activity.

3. If any of the guests’ details are missing on the guest details pages within your account.

4.  Sometimes when the booking has been made offline, although the names are fed through & appear to be present in the guest details pages, they do not appear for selection on the activity availability page.   In this case please visit the guest details page and click update (you may have to do this for each guest), then the names should be present.

5.  If there is a mismatch of data (i.e. an infant has been booked, but the date of birth given is over the age of an infant), please call our Contact Centre who will be happy to help.

We are here to help

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