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Activity Booking Terms and Conditions


Center Parcs UK - Activity Booking Terms & Conditions

1. Separate agreements will be formed for activities not included in the price of your break. If the associated break is cancelled by the lead booker or Center Parcs, for whatever reason, any activity agreement will automatically be terminated.

2. These general activity conditions, "Our Agreement With You", our Safety Guide and any special conditions we make known to you apply to any activities you book and must be complied with. These may be detailed to you in this booklet, when booking the activity, before or during the activity.

3. All activities are subject to availability and we operate a "first come - first served" policy so you may not be able to book a particular activity for a specific time or at all.

4. Activities and prices are subject to change.

5. Guest day passes are only available for close family and friends and not available to sell to the general public.  Guests found to be actively selling day passes on social media or other channels will be asked to leave the village without refund.

6. Activities that take place out of doors, and/or on the lake, are provided subject to appropriate weather conditions prevailing at the time of the activity.

7. Photographs of the activities on our website or in any literature are for illustrative purposes and general guidance only.

8. Some activities require a minimum number of participants or other criteria to be met to proceed, some are supplied by subcontractors or third parties for whom we act as agent and some take place outside the Village.

9. When booking an activity you will be given a timeslot when the activity will take place, as most are group activities it is important that you arrive 5 minutes before the activity start time or as requested in the activity description. The activity cannot be delayed if you are late and you may not be able to participate in certain activities if you are late for the session.

10. Some of our activities are not supervised and therefore may not be suitable for those under the age of 8. These are identified on the website, others may require the supervision of an adult over the age of 18. Please refer to the activity description on the website.

11. Please ensure that you and your party take appropriate care of the equipment provided to you by us. Please inspect any equipment before use for obvious signs of wear and tear and inform us of any damage to, or problem with, any equipment as soon as possible. Should you choose to use your own equipment we accept no liability unless due to our negligence.

12. Please do not eat food during the activities, unless essential for medical reasons. We advise that for certain activities you bring water to drink. Please ensure any food taken to the Activity Den is sealed and labelled with your child's name.

13. You may not participate in any of our activities whilst under the influence of alcohol, illegal substances or legal medication which may induce drowsiness or could affect your reaction times.

14. Please ensure that you wear appropriate clothes and footwear for the activity. We would also suggest that you wear clothes you don't mind getting dirty or even slightly damaged.

15. Please be aware that the challenging physical nature of some activities may occasionally result in contact with equipment or harnesses which might give rise to bruises or other minor bumps or scrapes.

16. As we continually improve our facilities on our Villages you may find that, new facilities are on offer; listed facilities are temporarily closed for maintenance and/or improvement; some facilities have been altered/replaced or closed; there is development or refurbishment work going on in certain areas of the Village; different equipment is provided to that described in our brochure or other communications.

17. Center Parcs reserves the right to stop you from taking part in any activity if we in our absolute discretion believe that your behaviour is inappropriate or offensive to our staff or our other guests.

18. We recommend that you do not bring any valuables with you when participating in activities. Lockers are available in some areas, for example in the Aqua Sana, but we do not advise that valuables are left in lockers.

19. We welcome guests with restricted mobility, a disability, medical or particular care requirements and we aim to ensure that our services are as accessible as reasonably possible so it is important that we are fully appraised of any needs, requirements and conditions prior to any booking being concluded.

    a. Please ring our Particular Care Requirements staff on 03448 267 708 who will be happy to discuss with you availability, suitability and any potential reasonable adjustments, including any requirement for a guest to be accompanied by someone who is able to provide for any particular needs they may have over and above any reasonable adjustments we are able to make.

    b. A risk assessment may be required prior to confirming a booking or allowing participation in certain leisure activities.

    c. We rely on the information you provide to help us anticipate and satisfy your needs. We therefore require you to update us with any change in circumstances prior to and during your stay.

20. Activity, restaurant, and spa booking, booked as part of your Center Parcs break, cancelled up to 12 hours before the start time will receive a full refund. If the cancellation is made less than 12 hours before the start time, a 50% cancellation charge will apply. Please log into your online account to cancel, or visit the leisure booking desk on village.

21. From time to time it may be necessary to vary or withdraw certain activities without notice. Should we cancel an activity or close a facility for which you have already paid we will refund all monies already paid for the relevant activity or try to reschedule the activity or provide a suitable alternative but will not pay any compensation as a result.

22. You must ensure that any activity booked for any member of your party is suitable for those who are taking part, any safety equipment provided or required is used and that instructions we give are followed.

23. Age restrictions and health and safety requirements or limitations apply for some activities. These may change from time to time.

24. Unless we have agreed to supervise them, all children under 8 taking part in activities must have parental supervision. Parental supervision may be required in other instances.

25. For all supervised activities you must provide contact details so we can contact you during the session, sign your child in/out or provide a password if they are under 8 and collect your child at the correct time.

26. Please note that if you suffer from certain medical conditions or are pregnant, you may be asked for a doctor's written permission to participate in certain activities. Please refer to the Health & Safety Information provided online for each activity (including Aqua Sana spa and treatments) for further information. If you have a medical condition which may affect your ability to take part in an activity, or could be worsened by taking part in an activity, then advice should be sought from your doctor and you must advise us prior to taking part in the activity.

27. You must tell us when you book if your child has any medical condition, allergy or normally carries an EPI-PEN. The only medication our staff may administer to a child under our supervision is a prescribed EPI-PEN which must be provided and "in-date" or your child will not be able to join the session.