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Two women relaxing in hot tub in the Aqua Sana
Aqua Sana Express Beauty Studio including manicure and pedicure stations


Aqua Sana Express Beauty Studio including manicure and pedicure stations

Cycle Park

A cycle park is situated very close to the main entrance to the Aqua Sana in which the Aqua Sana Express Beauty Station is situated. Access is via the main automatic entrance doors which are wide enough for any wheelchair or motorised vehicle.

Entrance and reception

The main entrance to the shop has a single door which opens outward but is wide enough to admit wheelchairs. The reception desk is situated directly by the entrance door, and the counter is low enough to accommodate guests in wheelchairs.


Accessible toilets are located within the Country Club.


Pedicure stations are not accessible for guests in wheelchairs and may be difficult to access for guests with limited mobility due to height and space constraints. However, therapists are able to provide services to guests in wheelchairs by placing the guest in the usual therapist location.

Manicures are fully accessible.

Express Treatments are performed in a chair rather than a couch. Guests would need to transfer to the chair from wheelchair, however, a range of the express treatments could be performed in a wheelchair if needed.


The lighting is bright throughout, with no dull spots.


The area is generally quiet. 


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