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Two women relaxing in hot tub in the Aqua Sana
Aqua Sana Spa


Aqua Sana Forest Spa – Elveden Forest

The Aqua Sana Forest Spa is located next to The Foresters’ Inn, approximately 15 minutes’ walk along flat paths from the Village Square.

Access for carers

If you require assistance to use the experiences within Aqua Sana, your carer may enter at no cost.

Day Spa visitor car park

For Spa Day visitors, the car park is a 2-3-minute walk with a slight slope up to the main entrance to Aqua Sana. The car park has an accessible car parking space.

Cycle Park

A cycle park is situated very close to the main entrance to Aqua Sana.

Entrance and Reception

The main entrance to the Aqua Sana has automatic double doors with a wide lobby.

A lowered counter is available at the end of the reception counter.


Accessible toilets are available in both male and female changing facilities and a unisex accessible toilet is available within the Spa.

Changing facilities

There is a private changing area in both the ladies and male changing rooms.

For guests requiring assistance from a carer of the opposite sex, please alert staff to this requirement at the time of booking or arrival at the Aqua Sana and staff will facilitate your carer’s access to the changing facilities with you.

Spa Area

Lighting is subdued throughout the Spa during the evenings. Some of the experiences contain subdued or no light.

By the very nature of this facility, the floors get wet.

Access to Spa

The Spa entrance has steps leading down into it. A lift is also provided.

A lift provides access to the upper level of the spa area. On the upper level there are experience rooms, relaxation areas and seating areas, these are all level entry.

All the Spa Experiences have fixed seating either bench style or individual stools, all experience rooms have space for a guest to remain in a wheelchair. Meaning each individual can choose if they wish to/ are able to transfer to seating within the experience or remain in their wheelchair. The Snug has a step up into it and a ramp can be provided if needed.

Many of the experiences involve heat and steam and will make exposed metal work on wheelchairs hot enough to burn.

The Snug, Fireside Relax, Forest View and Forest Meditation experiences are fully accessible and at an ambient temperature and do not involve high heat or steam.

Experience Showers are available around the Spa, all offer different settings like tropical rain, cold mist, warm spray and waterfall, some are walk through, all are spacious enough to accommodate a wheelchair.

The Sole Therapy footbaths require the ability to transfer to a stone bench to use, the stream is sunken into the floor. (Depending on wheelchair and user height the user may be able to use this from their wheelchair.)

There is a single door opening in the Nordic area leading to the Nordic Garden which has a small, level paved area. The Snug is located outside in the Nordic Garden with a step up, a ramp can be provided.

There is a single door opening into the Hot Springs Garden, leading onto a level wooden decking. Beyond this, is a ‘feature garden’, including pebble areas and a raised deck with three Hot Tubs, these have 4 steps up to them then you step down into the Hot Tub.

One Hot Tub has a hoist available (An Oxford dipper – maximum safe working load 140kg) to provide access.


We have an everyday wheelchair that can be used to take into our experience rooms if preferred over taking your own wheelchair in, some experience rooms have high heat and/or high steam levels that may not suit your own wheelchair.

*Wheelchair is available to use (subject to availability) talk to a Spa Attended if you wish to use it.

Swimming Pool

There are seven steps down into the swimming pool with a handrail from inside of the Spa area which leads out to the open-air pool. A hoist is also available if required from the pool side (Oxford dipper – maximum safe working load 140kg) to provide access to the pool.

Aqua Sana Treatments

Some treatments may not be suitable for guests with some medical conditions. A doctor’s note may be required. Please see current requirements in the Terms and Conditions of booking. All guests are required to complete a consultation form prior to treatment.

We do have a range of therapies developed with VOYA which are suitable for guests for whom other treatments are not possible. Please discuss your needs at the time of booking.

Lighting in treatment rooms is normally subdued. If you require additional lighting, please identify this at the time of booking.

Couches in treatment rooms are adjustable in height and tilt but will not descend to the floor. Guests must be able to transfer themselves onto couches or must bring a carer to provide assistance. Showers in treatment rooms are not wheelchair accessible.

The Spa Suites

There are four suites, two of which are at ground level. There is a small/dining area with a larger seating area leading out to a balcony. There is double/ twin bedroom with an ensuite round bathtub. There is a small shower area and toilet. There are significant space constraints for wheelchair users. However, with a degree of mobility, and an appropriate carer/partner/assistant access may be achieved. Please enquire at the time of booking.

Vitale Café Bar

This is located within the main area of the Aqua Sana and is fully accessible. Double doors lead out onto a level, paved patio area.

The counter does include a lowered area.

Accessible toilets are located in the changing rooms with are directly opposite Vitale.

The area is generally quiet with an abundance of natural light.