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      Boy on Paddle board with pedalos and beach in distance
      Boathouse, Beach, Adventure Golf & External Play Areas


      Boathouse, Beach, Adventure Golf & External Play Areas


      Boathouse kiosk is not provided with a low-level counter. A clipboard is provided for signing documentation when required.

      The entrance to the boathouse has level access. Accessible toilets, changing rooms and shower are available. The toilet is equipped with an emergency pull cord alarm.


      The main beach area is sand. There is a firm level path extending from the boathouse to the adventure golf bridge adjacent to the beach. There is a wooden walkway across the beach with a jetty for wheelchair access direct to craft. There is also a bench which covers ¾ of the length of the beach path for viewing purposes.


      The jetty is used to access floating craft which would be very difficult to launch from the beach due to grounding. This area is accessed by nine wooden steps with standard height handrails. There is also ramp access to the side of the steps. At the bottom of the steps is a floating bridge with handrails either side which leads onto the main jetty area. Along the back of the full length of the jetty is a handrail. The arms of the jetty have no additional support or rails.

      The structure moves with water movement. Different sections of the structure move independently. This is a wooden structure which can become wet.

      Wheelchair access is made possible to any craft able to be used by the individual via the ramp.  The ability to transfer from the wheelchair to the craft is needed, most require one step down in to and one step up to exit. Motorized wheelchairs are not recommended on the Jetty due to their size and the natural movement of the Jetty. Please talk to The Boathouse Team who can arrange the use of a standard wheelchair and advise on suitable hire craft for your individual requirements.

      Adventure Golf

      The Adventure Golf area is wheelchair accessible, however the incline on the walkway up to the first hole could be challenging for guests with restricted mobility. Also, guests in wheelchairs do have to go through one of the theming elements and have to ride over the playing surface.

      Play Areas – Sports Café

      There is a large multi ability play area adjacent to Sports Café terrace and it has hard standing at the entrances/exits. The rest of the area is made up of soft pour tarmac and surfaced in bark chippings.

      The play areas consist of a ‘Log Style’ climbing construction. Some of the equipment requires children to be able to climb and balance. This is on a bark surface.

      There is a soft pour tarmac pathway allowing access to an accessible roundabout, a castle play tower with draw bridge style ramp and low level trampoline with one step up/down to access.

      There is another soft pour tarmac area with smaller equipment, swings, elements and a nest swing.

      There is some bench seating in this area. These play areas can be accessed via Sports Café terrace, from the Sports Plaza through a set of double doors and from the outside areas.

      Watersports Activities

      Watersports welcomes guests with specific/individual requirements to take part in the activities on offer, however they do require advance notice. Because the Watersports activities are physically demanding, not all activities will be suitable for all guests. Each activity has strict safety requirements, which our staff have to follow. Our staff will be happy to discuss individual requirements either by phone prior to your visit or on site during your stay.

      The nearest accessible toilets are in the Sports Plaza which is a four-minute walk away.

      Sit-on-Top Kayaks

      Access is via the beach causing some mobility difficulties although boats can be relocated to aid launching. The boats have no back rests for support. All boats have high stability when correct seated position is adopted and we have singles and doubles. Paddle length universal.

      Guests must be able to swim to participate. Buoyancy aids are provided.



      There are three accessible jetties next to a paved pathway.

      Stand-up paddleboard Tuition

      This activity can be quite strenuous requiring full range in body movement with its main aim to teach participants to paddle whilst standing. All equipment available. Adjustable paddles are available.

      Stand-up Paddleboard hire

      Please consult the Boathouse Team for terms of hire

      Mini Captains Adventure

      There is limited space in these boats and they have no back

      rests for support. Please consult with the Boathouse Team for suitability prior to booking.


      Use of legs is required to propel the pedalo but suitable for most as a passenger. Access is via the jetty with a ramp.

      Transfer into pedalo: Guests must be able to transfer from a wheelchair with a step down and step up to exit, bearing in mind the pedalo will move on the water, which may prove problematic for some guests.

      Buoyancy aids are provided.

      Electric Boats

      The Electric Boats are high sided with a step up to get in and step down to exit, bearing in mind the Electric boat will move on the water, which may prove problematic for some guests. Access via the ramp on the Jetty.

      A degree of mobility is required to operate these boats.

      These boats have a backrest to aid comfort and are very stable.

      Buoyancy Aids are provided.

      Rowing Boats

      Access via the beach but can be relocated to the jetty if the beach creates access problems. There is no back support in these boats.


      Access is via the beach which can cause some mobility difficulties although boats can be relocated to aid launching. The boats have no back rest for support and can be unstable. All guests must be able to swim to participate.


      Access is via the beach which can cause some mobility difficulties although boats can be relocated to aid launching.