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Stacks of pancakes with cream and chocolate dripping down them
The Pancake House


The Pancake House


The Pancake House is a seated service restaurant situated just off the Village Square at the top of the boardwalk leading to the Jardin des Sports. There is a flight of stairs or slope down to the main entrance. The front doors are push pad operated.

The restaurant is fully accessible to guests in wheelchairs.


Lighting in the restaurant is subdued in the evening.


An accessible toilet is provided in the foyer to the restaurant. A large print or Braille menu is available on request.


Barbecues are occasionally held on the terrace in good weather with easy access via the swing gate. Access is via the manually operated double doors on the patio. The Barbecue is self-service, and the buffet is set up on the terrace area - which is easily accessible. Staff are available on the night to give reasonable assistance as required.


Download the access for all PDF here