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Staff member scanning out a bike to a guest
Cycle Centre


Cycle Centre

For cycle payment and collection, main entrance is via a queuing system on level access. Should an individual have difficulty standing in the queue, please ensure that you approach a member of staff directly in the Cycle shop.

Mobility Scooters and Wheelchairs

Guests hiring scooters and wheelchairs and guests using wheelchairs should proceed straight into the Cycle Centre shop where a member of staff will assist.

The cycle centre yard has level access throughout. On arrival day these areas are busy.

For guests with hearing disabilities, and induction loop is available.

The majority of the Cycle Centre yard has level access. However there are slopes and some uneven flooring in some places.

Cycle Shop

This is a small unit. There may be limited manoeuvring space for guests in wheelchairs in some areas of the shop. Staff will be happy to assist if required.

Cycle Fleet

As well as the standard cycle fleet, we have limited numbers of the following. Please note prebooking is always recommended as these items are available on a first come, first served basis.


A three wheeled adapted adult cycle providing transport for one able bodied cyclist and one person in a wheelchair which is transported between the handlebars of the cycle. The wheelchair may be detached for use around the village, however, it may not be as comfortable or as easy to manoeuvre as a standard wheelchair. The wheelchair can be adapted to accommodate smaller adult guests/larger children using proprietary cushions, however it may not be suitable for all sizes. Please discuss individual needs with staff.

Adult Tricycles

Three wheeled cycle. These are more stable than a bicycle. However, these will not corner at speed. If you are used to riding a normal cycle, these are not recommended because the means of balancing on a tricycle is different, meaning cyclists may overbalance, particularly on corners.


Available to guests where one person has a visual impairment. Extremely limited availability.

Mobility Scooters

Available for adults only, with electric motors and controlled by hand levers. These must be collected by the individual who is to operate them to ensure that the person is briefed in their safe operation. If this is not possible, arrangements can be made to deliver the mobility scooter to an alternative location and provide briefing, although this may delay the commencement of booking. (Deposit is required for this item). Our standard Mobility Scooters have a maximum weight limit of 20 stone. Please call our contact centre on 03448266200 if you require a different model.


A limited number of manual wheelchairs are available free of charge and pre-booking is recommended.

TMX Tricycle

The TMX Tricycle is an easy to pedal cycle designed for larger children. It is constructed from a lightweight frame and is fitted with an easy to pedal fixed gear. It has a calliper brake and an alloy crank set for smooth and easy pedalling. The low gear ratio makes it easy to get going, it also limits the top speed to enable the rider to stay in control.

TRACER Tricycle

The TRACER model is designed to provide enhanced stability for larger riders. The semi-recumbent seating position provides comfort and style for cycling. From its easy-rider handlebars through to its supportive seating, the TRACER offers significantly improved handling and stability over conventional tricycles. The TRACER's low centre of gravity frame design offers two key benefits, ease of transfer and improved stability.


We strongly recommend wearing a helmet for your own safety. Helmets are included free of charge with every cycle hire.