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Curry in a dish with ingredients all around it
Rajinda Pradesh


Rajinda Pradesh

Rajinda is a seated service restaurant.

Ramped access to Rajinda is available close to the entrance to the village square closest to the lake. There is also access via a flight of 6 steps with a handrail.

Entrance doors are manually operated double doors, these doors do open outwards.

The restaurant is accessible to guests in wheelchairs with the exception of booth seating which is not accessible to guests who wish to remain in wheelchairs. It may also be difficult to transfer into the seating.

An assessment has been made of the locations in the restaurant with the best accessibility for the seating of guests in wheelchairs, please ask staff for details. However, every effort will be made to seat you in any location you request.


A toilet, with all the facilities provided within an accessible toilet, is available within the restaurant, however, whilst larger than a standard toilet cubicle space is somewhat restricted. Fully accessible toilets are located at the Pool entrance or Huck’s restaurant.


Low level music is played throughout the restaurant.

Fire Alarm

In the event of a fire alarm, staff are trained to provide assistance in evacuation and to provide direction on the best means of exit. Please alert staff on arrival if you believe you may need assistance in the event of a fire alarm.