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      Two Teenage boys in pool with mother
      Subtropical Swimming Paradise

      Subtropical Swimming Paradise


      Entrances & Access

      Main entrance doors to Subtropical Swimming Paradise are fully automatic and the entrance to the changing rooms is accessible.


      Vanity Area

      Mirrors and hair drying facilities are provided at heights suitable for guests seated in wheelchairs to use.


      Changing Facilities – The following changing facilities are available:-


      • Individual changing cabins with shelf seat.
      • Family changing cabin with baby change facility.
      • Adapted changing cabins accessible to guests in wheelchairs.
      • Changing Places facility is available in the changing rooms fitted with shower seat, WC, integral shower and changing bed with height adjustable washbasin and tracked hoist – please ask a member of staff to direct you. Please note, slings are not provided, please ensure you bring this with you if required.



      A portable hoist and transit chair, suitable for entry into water is available on request. The hoist enables guest to transfer from wheelchair to the transit chair this hoist cannot lower a person directly into the water. Please note, slings are not provided, please ensure you bring this with you if required.

      Staff are trained in the operation of the hoist. Staff are not trained to assist carers in moving guests with disabilities that do not allow them to use the transfer chair without assistance.

      An Easy Roller chair

      Transfer Chair

      The Easy Roller chair is available to transfer guests to the wave pool.


      Accessible toilets are available in the main entrance to the pool shower area, and Venture Cove.



      There is a communal shower area without seating. 



      The lockers are at various heights.  They are large enough to allow the storage of small prosthetic items.  Larger items can be stored at the Information Desk if required


      Access to Pool Area from Changing Rooms

      Access to the pool area from the changing rooms is through the shower cave. Guests using a wheelchair will be able to access the same way. Dry access is available via Changing Places or directly from the changing area.  Please ask a member of staff for details.


      Information Desk

      The desk has a lowered section for accessibility and the staff will be happy to provide additional assistance.


      Venture Harbour and Venture Bay

      This area is accessible with level access into the water and steps to the slides.  This is a play structure over a number of levels and the area is not fully accessible to wheelchair users.


      Grand Cascade Ride and Tropical Cyclone

      There are several flights of steps to access to the ride. The ride requires guests to be able to step into the launch pool at the top of the ride which is considerably higher than a normal stair step height. Riders must be able to brace with lower body and be able to sit upright.  On the raft rides users must be able to hold onto the handles of the rafts at all times during the ride. These are challenging rides.

      One of the two routes from the ride splash down to the base of the entry tower to the ride has access restrictions.  The most accessible route is signposted.


      Wild Water Rapids

      Guests must be able to brace with all parts of the body and must be competent swimmers. This is an extremely challenging ride. This ride is unsuitable for blind or partially sighted guests, even with sighted assistance.


      Flumes and slides

      These facilities are accessed by steps and require significant lower body bracing.


      Canopy Bar

      Canopy Bar is a seated fast food restaurant and take away, located inside the Subtropical Swimming Paradise.  Wheelchairs have access to all areas.

      Although this counter has no lower section, staff will assist in any reasonable way.  Menus are available above the serving counters.


      Cabana Cove

      Cabana cove is an exclusive area of the STSP for guests that have booked an ‘Exclusive Cabana’. The area contains two private treatment rooms, 4 cabanas, toilets (including wheelchair accessible toilet) and an exclusive Hot Whirl Pool/Spa pool.

      The area is accessible from the Canopy Bar via wheelchair. Guests will be greeted by a host as they arrive at the Cabana Cove area and will be guided to their cabana. Two of the cabanas are accessible via wheelchair, the other two cabanas are accessed by steps. Whether the cabana is accessible or not, is noted on booking systems.

      The Hot Whirl Pool/Spa Pool is accessible via steps and is lifeguarded at all times.


      Starbucks within Subtropical Swimming Paradise

      Ramp access up to seated area with room for a wheelchair to manoeuvre.

      Although this counter has no lower section staff will assist in any reasonable way.


      Hot Whirl Pools

      These are accessed by steps. 

      Signage at hot whirl pools denotes other recommended health restrictions on use.


      Plaster casts and Prosthesis

      Plaster casts are not permitted on flumes, slides, Wild Water Rapids, Grand Cascade or Tropical Cyclone.

      Prosthesis are not permitted on the Wild Water Rapids.


      Haystack Dryer

      This dryer is accessible for all.



      There is level access to the cabanas from ramp access