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View of lakeside in with lake in front of it
Lakeside Inn

Lakeside Inn

Located by the lake roughly half way between the Village Centre and the Sports Plaza, the main entrance to the Lakeside Inn is accessed from the pathway which circles the Village Centre to the Sports plaza.

There is ramped access from the Village Centre pathway to the main doors and around to the decking area overlooking the lake.  There are 6 small steps from the Sports Plaza pathway.

The main entrance has manually operated double doors that lead into a vestibule with access to toilets. These are not accessible. A second set of manually operated double doors lead into the main bar area.

An accessible toilet is provided via a short corridor next to the bar.

Orders for food and drink are taken at the table or via an app, and food is brought to tables from the kitchen.

The majority of the Lakeside Inn is on a single level, however, there is a raised area adjacent to the bar and a lowered area overlooking the lake. Both these areas are accessed via steps.

There is level access to the children’s play areas but internally there are two levels within the play area, access to the upper level being via a steep set of steps.

The external boardwalk of the Lakeside Inn is accessible via a double door from within the Inn or from the side access of the building near the steps from the Sports Plaza path. The boardwalk is on two levels with a single step between levels.