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Security checking in a guest, who has just arrived in their car
Arrivals Lodge


Arrivals Lodge and Arrivals Pods

The Arrivals Lodge and Pods are normally approached by vehicle.

Depending on the side of the Arrivals Lodge that the car approaches, the driver or front seat passenger of the car converses with staff through an Arrivals Lodge window to give details of their booking, receive keys etc. If the person in the car closest to the window is unable to do this, our friendly check in staff will be happy to come out to the vehicle to pass on keys, map etc.

Unfortunately, technology does not currently exist that allows effective use of an induction hearing loop for this process. Guests will find it easier to communicate with staff with the engine switched off.

The closest accessible toilet is located at the front of cycle centre which is a 5-minute walk from the guest car park.

The Security Lodge is attached to the Arrivals Lodge and is manned 24 hours a day. Our Security and Guest Services staff are happy to give reasonable assistance as requested. Security may be contacted on 01525 842803. They will attend the location when assistance is required and help where possible.