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Security checking in a guest, who has just arrived in their car
Car Parking and Vehicle Use


Car Parking and Vehicle Use

Car Parking

Car parking for orange/blue badge holders is sited at the point in the car park closest to Guest Services. These spaces are tarmac covered and appropriately marked. Proportionate, limited numbers are available. These are available on a “first come, first served basis.

Roads throughout the car park have a tarmac surface. However, with the exception of accessible car parking spaces, the car parking bays are made of compacted stone.

On Village Car Parking

Guest vehicles are only allowed access to the village on the day of arrival and departure for unloading and loading purposes.

In circumstances where the driver of a vehicle has a disability that renders him/her unable to transfer from the car park to the accommodation without a car, our Mobility Service will be on hand to help. If the party have booked wheelchair adapted accommodation, an accessible parking space is provided close to the accommodation. However, the vehicle may not be used to travel on site throughout the stay.

In circumstances where there is an absolute medical need to rely on a vehicle to be parked close to the accommodation throughout the course of the stay, which cannot be accommodated by the Center Parcs Mobility Vehicle a permit for parking on Village will be provided. Wherever possible, such permits should be agreed in advance of the visit by our First Aid Centre team. Please note these are only granted where necessary.

Center Parcs Mobility Vehicle

An accessible vehicle is available, on request from Security to transport guests with disabilities which limit their ability to traverse the village on foot, around site. Where the use of this is for a booked activity, please arrange at the time of booking the activity or arrival on site for pre arrivals bookings. This service is offered on a first come first serviced basis and guests are asked to give as much notice as possible.

Speed Limit

on Site Please note that the speed limit on the village is 10 mph and that many children play and use bicycles around the site.

Village Roads, Paths & General Topography

Roads throughout the village have a tarmac surface. Due to the natural setting, roads do not have pavements. There are some inclines on site, although these are not severe.


Main paths are brick paved, but again due to the natural setting and extent of the pathways, many are crushed stone which can become weathered.

Bicycles are permitted on most paths around the site, with few exceptions in very central areas.

Paths crossing main roadways are provided with blister paving at crossings.


Some external steps throughout the site are provided with corduroy paving top and bottom. This is an ongoing project and there may be areas of the site where this is not the case.


Lighting levels provided after dark have been designed not to compromise the rural environment and to minimise light pollution and are therefore substantially less than would be found in an urban setting. 


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