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The Venue

The Venue

The entrance to the Venue has level access via double automatic opening doors.

There is level access throughout the unit.

There is an access point to the Venue via a lift in the plaza by Las Iguanas.

General lighting in the Venue is normally to daylight standard, however it may be subdued for particular events, particularly discos.

Accessible toilets are available within the Venue by the bar.


Listening system

The Venue benefits from an intuitive listening system that has the infrastructure to support a variety of assisted listening, bi-lingual translation or audio advertising. Guests can bring their own listening device which will all be supported through the BYOD assistive listening system.



Noise levels vary with activity. Please discuss particular events with the Venue receptionist where relevant.

During guest events carers/personal assistants are welcome to attend free of charge to assist a disabled guest. However, notification is required so that numbers at the venue do not exceed licence restrictions. Should the carer/personal assistant wish to eat or drink, there will be a charge for the meal/drinks only.

Noise may be experienced during gala dinners, leisure events for clients.


Conference Information

For conferences, prior arrangements can be made for parking in close proximity and for guests to be met by staff to provide assistance.