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Minimising traffic on the Village
Minimising traffic on the village
Updated 28 March 2017

Minimising traffic

We have experienced a rise in the number of cars on our villages recently, both driving on Thursdays or Sundays (either to leave early or get ready for an early departure the next day), and also left outside lodges throughout a stay.

We know that our focus on providing a safe environment with minimal traffic is something you really value. That’s why we don’t allow cars on the villages apart from changeover days, allowing little ones to run free and parents to feel at ease.

When you arrive, you may drive your car to your accommodation in order to unload, then we ask that you return your car to the car park for the duration of your stay. If you wish to leave early and bring your vehicle to your lodge in order to collect luggage, you will be able to do this after 4pm. You will need to visit the Security Lodge to pick up a pass for your vehicle. From this point, you will have one hour to pack your vehicle and start your journey home, or return it to the car park. Please make sure all members of your party are aware of this.

Of course, you can still leave any time outside of this slot – you just won’t be able to drive your car to the village, and will need to get to the car park by foot instead. Leaving your car outside your accommodation, or anywhere else on village other than the car park, is a breach of our terms and conditions. If we find that your car has been left on the village, our security team will visit your lodge and you may be asked to leave the village.

Thank you for your help in protecting what you love about Center Parcs.