Introducing our newly extended spa…

An exciting transformation began earlier this year at Aqua Sana Longleat Forest, to create a brand-new Forest Spa. A new menu of 25 spa experiences will celebrate different aspects of nature, including the changing seasons, rainforest showers, hot springs, ice and frost. Designed to stimulate senses in the same way as these phenomena do in forests around the world, the experiences will include a yet-to-be revealed feature exclusive to Longleat Forest.

The Forest Spa concept has already been introduced at Sherwood Forest, where it has proved very popular. Kay Pennington, Aqua Sana Group Spa Manager, says: “We are really thrilled to be able to give our spa guests something new and exciting to try.”                                

We’re delighted to share that many of our exciting new experience rooms are already finished and are now open, including:

Sole Therapy – Now open
Start your spa experience with the relaxing effervescent reflexology footbath. Soaking your feet helps your body temperature rise slightly, preparing you for the heat of some of our experiences.

Moonlight Steam Room – Now open
Exclusive to Longleat Forest. Let the deep purples of dusk from our moonlight centrepiece take you into complete relaxation. Breathe gently through your nose and inhale detoxing steam, letting the moons light balance your inner wellbeing.

Moonlight Shower – Now open
Another Longleat Forest exclusive. Step inside and experience a cleansing trio of showers. Select a setting to suit your mood, from warm tropical rain to a gentle mountain mist, or try a cooler glacial rain. Step inside and let the lights, scents and soothing water wash over you.

Forest View – Now open
Escape to the forest canopy and curl up on an oversized bed. Snuggle under a blanket and feel the natural ambience balance your mood, while you slip into quiet contemplation. Take time to lie back, relax and let the forest view rebalance your mind and body.

Forest Nesting – Now open
Soak up the serenity and snuggle down on a soft, oversized bed. Curl up under a blanket and rest your eyes or relax as the calming patterns dapple across the floor. Take 15-30 minutes’ rest in between heat experience rooms to cool down and gather your thoughts.

Forest Meditation – Now open
Sit back and gaze at the forest sky, as it phases from day to night in a softly-lit haven of calm. The perfect place to relax, contemplate worldliness and practice mindfulness. Sink into the ergonomically cushioned seats and let the peaceful atmosphere aid quiet contemplation.

Nordic Sauna – Now open
Take a seat on the aspen wooden benches and relax in the soothing dry heat. We’ve brought the outside in as the wow-factor panoramic window looks out onto the tranquillity of the forest.

Ice Cave – Now open
Follow one of our heat experiences with an invigorating ice-rub. Alternating extremes of heat and cold is proven to boost circulation, minimise pores and enhance your sense of wellbeing

Alpine Steam Room – Now open
Intense steam, rose essence and amethyst crystal work together in powerful concert, soothing the skin, stimulating circulation and healing the respiratory, digestive and immune systems.

Forest Rain Walk – Now open
A sequence of shower experiences harness the proven benefits of meridian acupressure, alternating hot and cool water, and different scents, sounds and colours.

Scandinavian Snug – Now open
Experience a mix of cosy and cool inside the snug. Nestle into this fabric-wrapped retreat, cover up with warm blankets and relax as the flickering fire pit adds to the warmth and atmosphere.

Forest Glade – Now open
Seated at the heart of a forest clearing, the Forest Glade steam room is a haven for relaxation. Calm, cooling mists give the feeling of being in a gentle tropical climate.

Deep Relax – Now open
The ultimate in relaxation – sink into one of our waterbeds and experience absolute horizontal comfort.

Sweet Slumber – Now open
Drift into a state of relaxation among the treetops. The heated body-contoured loungers set against a forest scene are the perfect way to reflect and gather your thoughts.

Rain Forest Shower – Now open
Journey through the rain forest, experience a tropical rain storm, awaken your senses and feel the warmth of the sunshine.

Volcanic Steam – Now open
Feel the warm steam intensify to relax muscles, ease tension and detox skin. The red and amber glow of the volcano illuminates the room.

Volcanic Mists – Now open
The cold bucket shower instantly cools after a sauna, or select from settings including tropical rain, cold mist, warm spray – or a combination.

Lava Volcano Sauna – Now open
This hot, dry sauna relaxes the muscles and respiratory system, improves circulation and helps strengthen core immunity.

Fireside Relax – Now open
Snuggle up on an oversized bed, cocooning yourself under a blanket. Close your eyes and breathe deeply to the calming sounds of crackling fire.

Outdoor Spa Pool – Now open
Let your mind drift as you float in our heated courtyard pool. Whether the sun’s shining, stars are twinkling or rain falls gently, it’s a tranquil and refreshing experience all year round.

From now until early December 2019, we’ll be continuing our extensive works to open up even more new spa experiences. We appreciate that there is never an ideal time to carry out such work. The spa will remain open throughout, but there may be occasional noise. During this period there will be some reduction in spa facilities, we will be monitoring capacity to ensure we offer the most relaxing spa experience possible. If you visit during the extensive works period (now until 28th November), you will receive a £10 voucher on arrival to thank you for your patience.

Please keep checking this page for all the latest updates on this very exciting new project.