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Outdoor Activity Centre
Activities made for adventure



Laser Combat

It’s all about stealth and covert operations as you steal silently through the forest, manoeuvring around obstacles and taking cover behind trees as you evade your enemies. Armed with laser guns and wearing targets, it’s shoot or be shot. Now the Laser Combat arena is even more challenging, with barricades to breach and buildings to conquer.

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Learn the skills for the perfect archery technique from our experts before being let out into the wild forest. Keep your eyes peeled and your arrow drawn, as you creep through the forest spotting and firing at targets as you go.

young boy with bow and arrow

Archery - Target Archery

Accuracy and precision are the names of the game as you take aim and fire. It’s friendly family fun with a competitive edge as you take on the challenges and see who can rack up the most bullseyes. Minimum age 10 years. Available at all locations.

women with bow and arrow

Archery - Field Archery

Stealth, speed, precision and accuracy… Field Archery is about so much more than hitting the bullseye. Learn all the special techniques from our experts before you’re unleashed into the forest to find and fire at targets. Minimum age 10 years. Available at all locations.

Archery - Crossbows

Archery - Crossbows

The crossbow is one of the most ancient shooting weapons. In this entertaining activity, you can learn to lock and load this classic weapon, learning techniques and skills from our expert instructors. Minimum age 12 years. Available at all locations.

Archery - Robin Hood and Little Johns

Archery - Robin Hood and Little Johns

A great activity to enjoy with your children, as together you learn new archery skills and put them to the test. Ages 6 to 9 years with an adult over 18 years also participating. Available at all locations.

Quad Bikes

Take on the challenging terrain of our purpose-built track with your tough, go-anywhere quad bike. Adrenaline-fuelled and fast-paced fun thrills and adventure. 

Currently available at Whinfell Forest, Sherwood Forest, Elveden Forest and Longleat Forest.

Off-Road Explorers

It’s time to move over and let your little ones take a turn in the driving seat, in our off-road adventure designed just for them. Taking the wheel of a miniature 4x4, tackling rough terrain and rumble strips as they learn to steer and navigate around our bespoke track. The challenge doesn’t end there, though – they need to find and collect puzzle pieces as they go. 

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Laser Clay Shoot Out

Precision and accuracy are the name of the game in our Laser Clay Shoot Out. Keep your nerves steady as you coolly assess the target clays as they soar through the air, firing at just the right moment. Using our state-of-the-art, laser-adapted rifles, compete to see who has just what it takes.

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Get kitted out in your protective gear as you take on your family and friends in this timeless classic, pitting your wits against each other as you stealthily take cover, silently creeping up on your opponents before you take aim. Currently available at Whinfell Forest, Sherwood Forest, Elveden Forest and Longleat Forest.

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Segway Experience

Glide around the village in style with one of our futuristic segways. They're fun, unusual and a great way to get around. Our instructors will be on hand to give you expert guidance as you get to grips with the controls before you head off to explore the village.

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